Shared Garden

Ink on Paper | 30 x 42 cm |
Ink | 30 x 42 cm |

As I wasn’t able to visit anywhere new over the past year, I decided to as treat the places around me as though I was on holiday; trying to see them with new eyes by taking photos, making drawings and creating maps. The shared garden for my block of flats became a jungle to be explored, with new plants and animals to be discovered. With this drawing, I wanted to celebrate the spaces between buildings and highlight how important these pockets of nature within the city are to all of us, both socially and ecologically. Living in an apartment in the city can sometimes be lonely, but shared gardens create a space where neighbours can interact. With their diverse mix of habitats, gardens form routes along which birds, bats and invertebrates can feed and travel, acting as wildlife corridors that connect parks and larger green spaces.


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